Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving has come and is about to leave but not before I got in an awesome 5k run this morning. I talked my sister, Sophie, into running it with me. She in turn talked her friend, Leigh, into it. Who then convinced her boyfriend to cheer us on with Sophie's. It was a damn cold morning to be standing around waiting for a gun. The weather man lied, it felt a lot colder then the 40 degrees promised.

The start line was fraught with anxiety and tension. Not mine. Sophie was very concerned about the run, mostly to do with having to pee half way through and needing to knock on random strangers houses to use their facilities. I'm not sure I was very encouraging and probably just looked at her like, "It's a 5k. Ain't no big thang. You can hold it." Looking back I probably did not help the argument to get her to a 10k in the spring.

Yes, Rainbowbright socks, but is it me or does
guy in the back look like Anthony Bourdain?

We lined up together but quickly got separated. As Mark5.0 can attest I am not good at running a race with someone. We did talk about it before hand and I would have been willing to run with her at her pace but she did not want the extra pressure. So I left her to herself. When I waited and waited at the finish line I wondered if that was a good decision. I got worried that something happened or that she gave up and I wasn't there with words of encouragement. Turns out she was so close on my heels I missed her finish when I went to get water!

Unofficially my time was 30:58, a PR. I ran the first mile at a 9:45 pace, 2nd mile 10:01, the 3rd at 9:43 and the .2 at 9:22. Sophie and her friend came in about a 1:30 behind me. I think she did great, a lot better then my first 5k. She can totally handle a 10k.


cupcake said...

every time i run a race i think"why am i doing this shit?"

CLE Runner said...

Because I make you!! Love you

Rach in Cbus said...

Way to go ladies!!