Friday, December 2, 2011

Because it's discouraging

"What is run two consecutive days, Alex?"

It's true. Now I know why my training schedules all have at least one day in between runs. It's not saying I can't do some form of exercise, just that running is not an option. And by not an option, I mean my body will rebel! The weather in the beginning of the week was really crappy, so when the sun shone brightly I hit the streets. Wednesday was the first sunny dry day and I went out for what I hoped was 6 miles but turned out to be 4.5. It got dark fast and I had forgotten my flashers. I also had another problem that has not been addressed here and is talked of only in whispers elsewhere. I had to poop. The runners trots. It usually hits me around mile 4 and coincides with my work site or McDonald's depending on the run I'm doing. I'm a regular at McD's but only as "the girl who runs in and out of the bathroom." Wednesday I was close to home so I just finished the run. I could have gone back out but 4.5 miles was the longest I had run since Detroit. I didn't want to push it.
 *Side note, it took forever to warm after this and only happened after I took a hot bath.

Yesterday was another awesome day. The sun was out and the temps might not have been tropical but was the best I could hope for here. My colleague covered for me at work so I could leave a bit early and get in a great run before it got too dark or too cold. Within the first half mile I knew this was not going to be my run. My pace was 12 something and I felt like I was running at top speed. My left ankle was also acting up. It's felt a bit stiff lately and I think it will eventually just work itself out, but I was having some trouble with it during the run. I ended up doing a short 2.5 miles but I feel like I wasted a great running day. Could I have powered through? Absolutely! Would it have been a quality run? No. Would I be extra sore today? Probably. Would I get a good run in tomorrow? Probably not.

While I think it's important to push one's self, you should also listen to your body and err on the side of caution. I might not have had a stellar run yesterday but I will probably have one tomorrow.

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