Monday, December 19, 2011

Possibly Gay Jerry

Two years ago at roughly this time I had the pleasure to meet Jerry. We met online while Fishing. He was in school for medical assistant, I think. Was recently divorced. Lived relatively close by and had a decent personality. He was up front about the fact that he was overweight and had gastric bypass a couple of years before. He had lost a bit of weight from it but from what I could tell all he'd done was shrink his stomach. His lifestyle and menu was still that of an overweight guy.

We went out 3 times. First, a couple of weeks before Christmas we met for dinner. Conversation was easy and for the most part it was a successful date. I try to give all not-so-horrible dates a second one. First dates are always rough and nerves get the better of people.

Second, a week before Christmas he wanted to go dancing downtown. I LOVE to dance! So, I said ok and we made plans. Plans being him knowing what I was going to wear so we wouldn't clash. Odd, yes but I still wanted to go dancing with a built in DD (he couldn't drink due to the bypass). I let him pick me up but before we could leave he had some Christmas gifts for me. Plural. Second date. A tin of homemade peanut butter fudge, which was NOT good and chocolate covered strawberries. A strawberry charm. A silver necklace. And the topper, a  wristlet. It's not really the wristlet itself, it's how he presented it. I was taking a large black alligator (fake, for my PETA fans) clutch. Super cute. "You're not taking that are you?" Who says that? A guy who made you a wristlet (side note: he makes and sells wristlets). "It will hold your ID, credit cards and money." Yes, but what about makeup? I don't remember what was said but I got out of the wristlet. We went dancing and it was so so.

After that things got.....needy. I have to say I don't really like a needy/clingy guy. That being said, a standoffish guy is not all that great either. There's a fine balance. Back to possibly gay Jerry. He called everyday. If I didn't answer right away he got worried. Highly annoying. He was also a bit of a whiner and not so smart.

I wasn't going to see him again but it's hard to do when someone just gave you all that stuff. And my birthday was just around the corner. He didn't know it but I had no plans for it yet and didn't want to do nothing. So, I made plans with him again. He wanted to make me his specialty for dinner. His specialty being previously cooked shrimp, jar Alfredo sauce and very Al dente noodles. It was not good. Oh, and there were roses. I can't remember if it was a clean dozen but it was definitely more then 2.

I know there were other things that made me question even more his preference. I just can't remember them. It's been two years. I do know that I am not the only one that had these thoughts. Others have voiced them before to him. Enough so that we had a discussion about it. I have to say that since ending things with Jerry I have regretted one thing. That I didn't keep the wristlet. A couple of times when I've been out I have been frustrated with dealing with a clutch and have wanted a wristlet instead.

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