Friday, December 16, 2011

Gearing Up 1.5 Years in Advance

Apparently, everyone and their mother read my post Wednesday. There was furious last minute bidding on the awesome TRI bike. I couldn't even type in an offer with out the price jumping. It finally sold for $435, a good price for the bike but way too rich for me. I settled on an ordinary road bike. I still haven't figured out the difference between the two except that one had better handles. And I'm pretty sure I can just switch them out or at least clamp on TT bars.

While I was waiting to purchase I wandered around the "bike store" and found an indoor bike trainer and stand. HOW COOL is that! I can train in the winter in my basement just watching movies. It even came with adjustable resistance! This auction I did win. It wasn't much of a contest, though, as I was the only bidder. The hardest thing now will be trying to maintain patience and contain myself every time the UPS guy goes down my road. I'm hoping it ships soon, since I'll be out of town for a week starting late next week. And, some of my neighbors are a little shady.

While I was in the buying mood (I also bought 2 race entrances) I figured I should find out what I'm in for with the 1/2 ironman. I found 2 books that looked helpful but looks can be decieving. I purchased Kara Goucher's book on running 2 weeks ago and so far it is a total let down. It might be helpful if you're just thinking about running but if you've already made significant inroads, it's not going to do much other then make you say, "Well, DUH! I knew that." The books I bought though are "The Triathletes Training Bible" and "You Are an Ironman: How Six Weekend Warriors Chased Their Dream of Finishing the Worlds Toughest Triathlon." I purchased the bible because if I'm going after an Ironman I don't just want to finish, I want to finish strong. Plus, I think I have a chance to place* in this summers CLE Tri and I'm hoping it will give me an edge. I got the other book because let's face it I'm not an elite and I'd like to see how other weekend warriors found it.

I will keep you all updated with training, reading, and dating. I think next week we'll visit a past date.

*In my division, not overall.

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CLE Runner said...

Tracking numbers and shipping labels have been issued for both items. SO EXCITED!!!!