Monday, December 12, 2011

Am I Ironman Material?

I'm not really sure but watching this video and the world championship Ironman in Kona on Saturday really makes me want to try. I of course would start off with the half Ironman. So, I am declaring here and now that in 2013 not only will I do SD RnR Marathon  but I will also do a half Ironman*.
*Barring any unforeseeable debilitating circumstances.

My plan now is to add one to two sprint triathlons, two total full marathons, an ultra-relay, and an obstacle run in 2012. I think that's doable with out adding too much training to my schedule. If I threw in a half ironman next year it would be too much but a year from now? That's a different story. I have a year and a half to train and drop another 20. I don't expect to place but I will finish it.

If anyone likes this music I believe it's a mash up of Prometheus Rising, An Epic Age, and Glory Seeker by Immediate and available on iTunes.

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