Monday, July 30, 2012

Sylvania Women's Oly Triathlon

Swim area, minus the toys.
I had to run up this after the swim!

 When I signed up for this it was to be a short race and just to get me tuned up for the next couple. You know, locate my trouble spots and work on my transitions. The race, per their site, was to be 400 yards (.25mile) swim, 11 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. Completely doable, right?

LIARS!!! That swim was no where near a quarter mile! A quarter mile should have taken me 7 minutes on a slow day. This swim was at least 9 minutes and I was booking it and passing people. That swim had to be at least .6 miles. They posted the day before that the bike would be 12 miles but it did come out at 11. And the run was close to, if not 3.1.

The bike and run tool  me about 1 hour and 17 minutes. So, all in all, I'm looking at a time around 1:26, plus what ever my transitions were. I know T1 was long. I thought using toed socks would cut down on my time, since I wouldn't have to tape my toes. But I had issues with getting the toes in the right holes. Plus, my feet were a bit wet making it even more difficult. I also tried to save time by putting my gloves and Garmin on while riding. It probably did save time but it was a bit difficult, especially the Garmin. I can't ride with no hands anymore!
This one hurts the worst!

The run was rough. I did a combination of run/walk. I'd run to a certain landmark then walk for half a minute then run to the next landmark. It got me though and I think I finished in what was my normal 5K time, about 33 minutes. I did get a lot of chafing in the run part. I didn't Glide because A) I forgot and B) I haven't really chafed my arms in awhile. I forgot I'd be running wet, though. THIS WEEKEND, GLIDE!!

I'm still waiting on the official time!

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