Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Observations From a Bike
1) East Cleveland suburban drivers are much nicer than Sylvania Township drivers. I've never been buzzed in CLE and I've only been yelled at once. And, that was by a car of teenage boys. I assume they were yelling about my awesome butt! In Sylvania one guy actually stopped his truck to yell, "Get out of the road Sweetie!" Or it could have been, "Watch the road, Sweetie!" Either way it's annoying.

2) The roads are in better repair in Sylvania Township, maybe. I only rode a few roads there compared to many in East Cleveland.

3) If you didn't find a flying squirrel bike mount video try this. They boy does it well but his bike is smaller and he's not coming out of a swim. Nor does he have water bottles on his bike. I will never attempt this mount.  A few seconds is not going to kill me. The flying squirrel might.

4) If fingers or hands go numb or your elbows and wrists hurt. Try lowering your seat or raising your handle bars. TRUE STORY!! Could not figure out what was going on.

Yesterday's morning weight:
This mornings weight was 193.0. Hmm, I'm pretty sure it's water. Maybe? Or, that completely vegetarian dinner last night worked miracles!

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