Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Biggest Loser

I love this show! It's one of the first things I watch when I wake up on Wednesday and am sipping my morning coffee. I like the tips they give, watching the transformations, and let's not forget the DRAMA! I could do without the product placement, so I just skip over those.

I've often thought about going on it. I have weight to lose. AND, Y'ALL THEY ARE CASTING IN CLE. This weekend!! I won't be here but you can submit a video with your application. Sadly, or happily, I am too skinny to qualify! You have to have 85+lbs to lose. I would look sickly if I lost 85lbs.

I'd be bad ass with these trainers!
When I mentioned this to my sister she asked if I was seriously thinking about it if the 85lbs didn't apply. HELLS YES! Can you imagine how ripped I'd be if all I had to do all day was work out and eat healthy? Plus, access to all the personal trainers and nutritionist. However, I'm sure I'd be voted off in the first couple of rounds. I'll never take off what a 300lb guy will and let's face it everyone hates the skinny bitch which is what I'd be in that group.

But if you're interested Biggest Loser Casting.

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