Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Miggle Mash

This has already been revised! 1st bike and swim are out.
This weekend was pretty low key, which was great considering the last two weekends were packed full of fun and travel. Not to mention the next four weekends being packed with fun, travel, and competitions! I may be dead by mid August.

I did my 7 mile run Saturday and it went really well. I am hopeful for the coming long runs. I also, went out for a long ride Sunday. I ended up doing 26 miles, so not so long for me. I was hoping to get in 40. What did it were the hills and the fact that I got up late. A week in FLAT FLAT Toledo really killed my ability to conquer the hills. I did get challenged by an over weight pacific island biker. And by biker I mean motorcycle. I of course......did not win. I did register on a speed trap! The pic shows 8mph but I was doing 9mph and slowed to get my camera!
I'm going to start taking these with Instagram. Maybe, I'll like them better.

I have officially signed up for the Columbus Marathon. I was all set to do Detroit again and was actually going to sign up today for it, when I got a note from a friend asking if I wanted to do Columbus. I had debated between the two and went with Detroit because of an OSU home game that same weekend. But, if everyone else is doing it.......

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