Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If Not Here, Than Where?

Cleveland PRIDE, June 28.
I have almost always been political. Well, since I could vote. Ish. Like most things my political views did not form solidly until college. I've always leaned left but am now firmly as far left as possible. In fact, I was once told I was "so far left as to be in Stalin's back yard." It was one of those online quizzes.

But, now that I'm done with school. Have a great career started. A house and all my basic needs met. Now, the question becomes how willing am I to work for political aims?

Up until last week I really only read articles, reposted to FB, put my two cents in on some posts, signed petitions or donated and I of course vote. I even made my mother drive me to my voting spot the day after my tonsillectomy so that I could vote.

But not women
But times they are a changing. I was so angry with SCOTUS for the HOBBY LOBBY ruling. And then what they did the next day in allowing it to be EXPANDED to all birth control and other for profit corporations. I was so fired up last week that when planned Parenthood called I volunteered to make phone calls informing people who had donated in the past about the SCOTUS ruling and then what they could do to help in the fight. It was a little scary, especially after the first person I talked to yelled at me and told me I was lying. I wanted to argue but wasn't really allowed. Plus, it might cost them money. I had several really good ones. And a whole bunch of no answers.

I plan on being a lot more active in the future. Particularly with woman's rights. 


Running Meg said...

Oh man, that ruling. I was so flippin' mad I could feel my blood pressure raising.

There was a meme going around with three pictures. A fetus with the caption: person. Hobby Lobby with the caption: person. A woman with the caption: meh. I had to laugh at it 'cause COME ON SCOTUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU FORTHELOVEOFPETE?!?!

The good news is House and Senate Democrats are fighting to get some legislation passed to help with this. And hopefully people will see that and VOTE THIS NOVEMBER. Just because it's not a presidential election doesn't mean it is not important!

I could go on but I shouldn't, for my own health. Thanks for bringing this up. More people need to talk about it!

CLE Runner said...

When I talk about it to some people they feel that it only applies to Hobby Lobby and only Plan B and the IUD. Then....I have to school them!

Anyways, Meg, you might enjoy this shirt.

CLE Runner said...

Hmm, that didn't paste the way I thought.Go to Look Human and search for Notorious RBG.

Awesome stuff!