Monday, June 30, 2014

On The Market

I ended things with Whiskey this past Saturday. I was super nervous but he took it really well! Almost too well. Part of me wishes there had been a little more from him and part of me is glad it went so smoothly. It was the best break up I've ever been involved in. He agreed that it would never have worked long term and that we're way too different. Best to end it now. We left as friends with the ball in my court as to getting drinks and catching up. I always say "lets be friends" but I think this is the first one where I actually meant it. We shall see.

So.... I'm back on the market and have opened all my old profiles again. THIS GUY I was rather interested in but then got that reply. REALLY???!! Do you not know what kind of site you're on? And, Dude I just ended something on Saturday just get a drink with me. I suppose it could be his polite "Fuck off." Eh, on to 25 year olds!


Running Meg said...

Just curious, how active was his profile? Because if he just broke up with someone why is his profile active enough that it popped up for you? Lame.

Glad the break up went off without a hitch. On to better and bigger things...or just nice and friendly things.

CLE Runner said...

I'm not sure. He showed up in my Matches with OKcupid, which are based on % in common from a questionnaire. I don't know if it also bases it on last log in.