Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Mom

I love my parents! I know I've said it before but they are AMAZING parents. I may not have always felt this way, mostly through high school, but.....with age comes wisdom.

Phone convo with my mom:

Me; Yeah, so I'm breaking up with him on Saturday.
Mom: Ok, you sound hesitant.
Me: Well, I can't decide if I should look hot or scuzzy.
Mom: Why would you look scuzzy?
Me: You, know to soften the blow. Hot me is not breaking up with him, scuzzy me is.
Mom: I think you should look hot. Cause after, you can go to a different bar so you don't go home right away and you can flirt with a hotty.


ps. she doesn't want me to go straight home after in case he decides to go to my place for some reason. I don't really see him being the crazy type but he does get very angry at weird stuff. And I've been suprised before.

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Running Meg said...

Your mother is very wise indeed!