Monday, June 23, 2014

$250 Poorer

I got my shoe shopping accomplished!!
I went to my local running store with my old Mizuno's in hand. We went over how I run, how much I run, what I don't like about my old shoes, past shoes I've used, and the current injury. I tried on 4 different shoes. The current Mizuno wave inspire, a Saucony (kinvara maybe?), a Brooks adrenaline, and a Newton (gravityIII maybe?). I'm sure you can already tell which I went with. But I will say I was torn between the Newton and the Brooks. I ended up putting the Brooks on the left foot and the Newton on the right and running up and down the store. The Newton was really nice and roomy in the toes. They are cushy on the balls and I really felt like I was floating as I ran. I may have been seriously tempted to purchase those had I not had the heel problem. I found that when I landed in the Newtons it seemed harder than in the Brooks. The Brooks are light, roomy, and cushy on the heel. They're also super flashy!!

I next went to Dick's to check out Crossfit shoes. I tried on several that I can't even remember. I did try the Reebok Nano 3.0. Can I just say that these shoes look like clown shoes? They are solid bright BRIGHT yellow with giant toe boxes. Don't get me wrong, they're comfy and I almost went home with them. But.....Then the guy said, "Have you thought about the 2.0's?" I had not. I tried them. Same comfort level. less bright! And just felt right. They all have a low heel to toe rise.

I'm going to give my heel one more week before I do anything other than swimming. It is definitely better. There's very little pain in the morning, walking when I get up from sitting and going down stairs. It did tinge a little when I ran around the store trying on running shoes. I'm still icing it at night and taking ibuprofen occasionally. I really hope one more week will get back to running. I miss it. A lot.

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