Friday, June 20, 2014


Part of me is SERIOUSLY dying. Part of me is LOVING this.

The two week no running "prescription" is actually working. My heel/achilles rarely hurts anymore and when it does it's after running up and down stairs at work or hiking up the hill to my car. And, I'm loving being lazy. I got to drink coffee and read the paper with my parents last weekend when I would have been biking. I get to drink my coffee and walk my cat before work. And, this weekend my "niece" finally gets the sleepover she's been asking for for 2 years!

That said, I hate being this inactive. I've tried to get to the pool for laps but it's crazy raining here. It's like Florida. Great during the day and then down pour after work. I'm hoping I can start back to light crossfit Monday. I've also been reading that doing Crossfit in the wrong shoes can be detrimental to your body. Let me just say that I never gave shoes for lifting any thought and therefore have been doing it in old running shoes. Also, I was trying to save money. I've also never been very happy with my current running shoes. I'm in Mizuno Wave inspire 9. I loved the 8's but the 9's never felt right. so, we're changing it all up! Actual crossfit shoes and new running shoes. I hope to have this all accomplished this weekend.

Speaking of new things.... I cut my hair!! And I absolutely love it!!

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Running Meg said...

I have heard something about the lifting shoes. I know running shoes are bad because of the slope on them? Flat shoes like converse can work. Good luck with your new shoe search!