Sunday, July 13, 2014


In the past when I've done online dating I've told my mom where, when and who and then promptly called or emailed after. It's a good system if nothing happens. It's a bad system if something does. She might not decide something's happened until 3hours after that something occurred. Or even 12. By that time I could be dismembered and at the bottom of Lake Erie (I've been binge watching Dexter).

Consequently, I found this awesome service from KITESTRING. You sign up, put in your In Case of Emergency person, and your phone number. They then text you from a number that will onl
y be given to you. When you go out you send a text to that number with "2hr" and the company will text you in 2 hours. At that point you can give your "all clear signal" or extend the time.

HOWEVER!!! Should you fail to extend your time or give the all clear it sends a message to your ICE. Or, in my case my 3 ICEs. There is also a distress signal, should you need it.

This is all background for what went down yesterday. I went out on my first newly single date last night and used Kitestring. I also gave my mother all the info she would need. I set my account to check in on me in two hours and went on the date. It was not a great begining and an even worse end. But, I had nothing but time and had been sitting around my house all day. And I like dirty martinis. The convos aren't important but it was clear it wasn't going to go anywhere. 15min prior to my check in I extended it an hour. Then the dude and I got into a heated political debate and I paid the bill and put all my shit, including my phone, in my purse.

Side note on the bill: Dude didn't even offer to pay or give to the check. Even when I don't want to pay I still at least offer. Not this guy. I at least made up for a lot of the free drinks I've gotten in the past.

Ok, back to the story. I realize that I've been there for awhile and should probably extend my check in by at least 20min. When I pulled my phone out I had 5 missed calls, one voice mail and a text from Kitestring telling me I've missed checkin and that my ICEs have been informed. I MISSED IT BY 15MIN!!!

I tried calling my mom and sister but it wouldn't connect. I then texted but continued to call. I finally got in to my sister and told her to call my mom, who then promptly called me. I believe I may also have been paged at the bar but I'm not sure. On the upside, I know the system works.

In the chaos the dude disappeared, apparently to the bathroom. When he came back he told me how rude I was and it did not get better when I explained about the service and what had happened. I think he was hurt that I felt the need to take such precautions. He seemed angry and said he needed to leave and get a cigarette. What I don't understand is why wouldn't everyone, even guys, use this?  They're just as vulnerable as us, especially when alcohol or drugs are used to sedate them.

To top it off I ended up walking back to my car barefoot. One of my shoes broke shortly after leaving the bar and in the process  twisted my ankle. I suppose it's a plus that I didn't step on glass.

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Running Meg said...

I would ABSOLUTELY use this service. Glad it works, too bad you worried your family.

And what a jerk for not understanding. Good riddance to that one. I would've just laughed it off if I were him. Ah well.