Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Seriously?! This guy?!

So this guy, we'll call him Jared, has emailed me every time I resign up with a dating site. I don't know how he finds me but he does. I've always politely declined or just ignored him. But I haven't had much success with the guys I've been dating so far, so I decided to give him a chance. 


Email with him was a little annoying as was texting, so I bit the bullet and asked to meet to see if it would change anything. It did not. He constantly talked about nothing and held the last two bites of his burger in his hand for 20 min as he yammered. I just wanted to scream,"Eat your fucking burger so I can go!!" I would have gotten another drink but I didn't want to be there for more than I needed to be. When the check came I just handed him a $20 which was way more than I needed to give but I didn't want to wait for change. I told him to just keep it and put the overage towards the tip. He got confused, paid the whole bill with his card and put the $20 in as tip. There was an awkward hug at the end and I beat a hasty retreat!
This is what followed along with the time stamp from my phone.

You know it's bad when you call your mother and tell her "if something happens check this guy out."

 I don't understand how my lack of height is a positive?

 No. No, you read me right. I would have punched him!
I decided not to answer thinking if I did it would have only encouraged him.

 This is supposed to say "Monday 10:34."


Running Meg said...

Holy crap. Seriously. Holy crap. Oh man.

I like your comment "I would've punched him". Gah!

CLE Runner said...

At first I kind of felt bad about it. He was really awkward so a second date may have gone better. But after ALL of those texts I felt justified.