Monday, July 28, 2014

Well, this isn't going well.....

I know I said that my heel/achilles felt much better. And it did. Until I ran 2 miles. Now, to be clear I did not just go out after 1.5 months off and run 2 miles. I ran a mile. Then 1.5. Then 2. And that is the last time I ran.
Not my feet. The toenails look to good!

It hurts to walk. To jump rope. Sometimes it just hurts sitting in a chair.

I therefore made two appointments. One is with an orthopedic that specializes in sports injuries of the feet and ankles. Her CV is actually pretty amazing and I'm really hopeful she'll understand my need to run soon and what's going on with me. I don't get to see her until mid August, though.

My second appointment was with my chiropractor. Admittedly, I made the appointment just to get my shit in line but it turns out he may be able to help with the whole heel thing. As I was laying on the table telling him about my heel he said that my rt hip is higher than my left. And damned if he wasn't right. My feet hung off the table and I could feel where it hit on each foot. On my right it was at the ankle and on my left it was about an inch lower on the foot. I never noticed before because I'm so short my feet RARELY hang over.


Running Meg said...

Well, dang. Hopefully the chiro helped. And if not, hopefully the sports doc makes it all better with no surgery, just magic and fairy dust.

Joan Stevens said...

Your chiropractor was on to something. Your hips weren't aligned, making one leg shorter than the other one. You'd always have problems when you run unless this is remedied. I hope that, with a few more adjustments, your chiropractor can solve this problem, so that you could run again without putting much strain on your hips. Good luck!

Joan Stevens @ Stringer Chiropractic