Monday, April 2, 2012

Review Week 9, Upcoming Week 10

The start of last week involved a lot of recovery from a fantastic weekend. Consequently, I missed my Monday run and felt no need to make it up. Wednesdays, 6 mile run was cut to 5 but I got the 3 miles of 9:36-10:00 pace. I think the goal for the next couple of weeks is to work on speed. Never my favorite. Fridays run happened just as it was supposed to.

2x caffeine but one of my fav flavors
Saturday saw me getting up 6am to get my 16 mile run in. Normally, I'm not that set on when I start but I wanted to make it somewhere by 10 and had to have 13 miles done. I did the 16 miles in 3 parts, so that I would have a chance to get water and snacks with out having to take my hydration belt. Part one was an out and back of 7 miles. It felt great and easy. Stopped at home to get water, pee, and retie my shoes. I then started my second out and back of 6 miles. 2 miles into the second run I felt a little tired and sluggish. That's when I remembered I had taken no GU with me or had any at the house before I left. When I do runs of 10+miles I always use GU and take a water bottle. I GU every 5 miles and it helps to keep me energized and focused. How I could have forgotten this on a 16 mile run I will never know. When I got back to the house I made some gatorade before heading to the meetup spot with the new running group. I was going to do 2.5 miles with them.

The running group was fun. Met some new people with similar interests and chatted about up coming races. They are, however, much much faster then me. I might be that they were running with fresh legs and I was coming off of 13 miles sans GU. I'm still going to meet up with them this Saturday. Running with a fast group will only make me faster.

Week 10

What should be clear in this post is that swimming and biking have fallen to the wayside. I have every intention of bringing them back. Just not this week.

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