Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All Dark Meat

This is not a commentary on  my cut of chicken (usually white) or my racial dating preference (typically Caucasian, but mostly because I'm extremely picky in what I find attractive in other races) but instead on fast vs slow twitch muscles.

For a review
Dark muscle is from slow twitch fibers, marathoners.  White/light muscle is from fast twitch fibers, sprinters.
The science of meat!

Today's work out consisted of Yasso 800's. If you don't know what these are it's a special form of torture thought up by the Runner's World Editor Bart Yasso. It consists of a 1-2 mile warm up and then repeats of 800 meters at a fast pace with 400 meters at recovery pace. You do 3-8 repeats and then a mile cool down. Today's fast pace was 4:27. Uh? Damn near impossible. I was sure I was dying! I did this on my treadmill so I could set my pace and not worry about it. My performance limitations may be caused by the treadmill. It might go better outside. I'll find out next Wednesday when I have to do them again.

Either way, I am convinced I am ALL DARK MEAT!!! I am not a sprinter. This is why I only played one season of basketball! I hope that these will help me cut my marathon time. I'm told they will. But I have low expectations that they will help cut an hour off my marathon time. That is a lot to cut out. Almost unheard of. If I don't cut an hour off I'll just remember this......

Some one once said it's easy to run for an hour or two but it takes balls to run for 5 and not give up. Ok, that might not be a direct quote but that's the gist. And it does take balls, or ovaries, to continue running for 5 hours knowing that the majority of people have already finished the 26.2 miles.

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On the upside, I picked up my new shoes!!

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