Friday, April 20, 2012

I Might Have a Boyfriend

I realize I haven't had much to say lately on the dating front. Confession! I think I have a boyfriend!

It started the week before the wedding for which I had no date. FYI, best decision/the way the cookie crumbles ever in not taking any one.  I had a blast and never had to worry about entertaining any one. 

Tex and I met on Match and I sent out a “Wink”.  It’s sort of like wink/smile at a bar. Tex not only winked back but he emailed. I liked that. It shows initiative. We had a brief email frenzy over the week that really amounted to not much, they were short and very surface. We began texting when I got back from Cinci and set up drinks for that Friday. I’ll get drinks with any one that I’m slightly interested in. I feel you can’t really make a fair decision on any one until you’ve met in person. That’s how I got roped into coffee with a toothless boy and dated “homeless” guy for a month.  

And, I was iffy on Tex. Middle of the road politics. Methodist/baptist. Divorced, 2 kids. He only had two pics and it’s difficult to judge on that. One was rather dark and from a distance and the other was a profile head shot. But he was educated, nice, had a job, all his teeth, and an actual place to live. 

Drinks went really well! I knew I wanted to see more of him almost immediately. I can't say why, it was just an over all feeling. He called me “Darlin’” and “Baby,” which I always felt was a bit condescending, especially so early, but in his southern drawl it really just melts me. He is a classic southern gentleman and asked permission to give me a good night kiss. I, of course, allowed it. So much better than the time I was attacked by the lawyer, who mistook my struggles for passion. Awkward!

21 days in and we’ve spent 9 of those days together. Obviously, not the whole day but at least a good couple of hours. He referred to himself as my boyfriend on the second date. 
The convo went something like this:
Tex: “So, who are you going to tell first you have a boyfriend?”
Me:-side eyed, “ I have a boyfriend?”
Tex: “Well, yeah. What do you think this is?”
Me: “Oh. “

He spent most of the last two weekends at my place. He even fixed my screen door. When I explained my plans for the basement and the wall that needs to be built, he just shook his head and said something about how he guesses he’ll be busy this summer. 

The true test is whether Tex and my cat can get along. It was touch and go for a bit but I walked in on her in his arms. Now, in fairness they could have been locked in a death battle but stopped when they heard me coming in. I choose to believe she jumped up on the couch and let Tex pet her. Not, that she was trying to claw his eyes out. 

Up until this weekend it was a little early for me to call him a boyfriend. I've been burned in the past. When I think we're getting to that point he goes and sleeps with a bar fly! So I hesitated to tell anyone. And it bit me in the ass. Tex got a little peeved when he found out that after almost 3 weeks the only people that knew were my family. It went like this:
Tex: "Do you know what P.S. stands for?"
Me: " Of course! Post Script."
Tex: "Good, if you didn't I would have to seriously reconsider this relationship."(He was joking. I think.)

This led me to ask if he felt this was a relationship. When he answered in the affirmative I said "OK, I'll tell my friends now." WHOOPS! But on the bright side they all know now! I've also closed all online dating profiles and turned down a couple of dates.

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