Friday, September 30, 2011

Socially awkward.

Adidas has their shit together! I ordered my new skirt and top on Tuesday and it was at my door yesterday. I'm still waiting on sunglasses I ordered in June from Redstar. Anyways, I quickly washed it last night and did a 15 mile test run in it today. I also tested my new hydration system. I had been using a handheld one but it got heavy and irritated my arm in Akron. I've actually been resisting buying a hydration belt for a year. It's very fannypackish. BUT I loved it. It has a large water bottle, a small water bottle, a zippered pocked for GU, and a place to clip my shuffle. The clothes worked great, too! No chafing and the skirt and top stayed where they were supposed to. I even got a thumbs up from a passerby. I'm not sure if it was because I was out running in the cold or the bright outfit. I think it was both. YAY!!

I had a date last night with Gabe, a guy I was set up with by a match maker. I think this match maker needs to rethink his career choice. He's 6/7, not a great streak. He may just be throwing every 25-35 year old my way. According to him, he doesn't have a lot of professional 30yo women. I'm still not sure how to take that.

Gabe was a very nice boy. And a boy he was. He may have been 29 in chronological age but he was barely out of puberty socially. Every time he spoke it was prefaced by an eye scrunch and a shoulder twitch. Tourettes? He also had difficulty in looking at me when he talked. His eyes were always off to my right. In fairness, he may have been avoiding the glare of my ample bosoms. It's hard to hide these girls. But, honestly, who would want to?

He was nice but not my type. In personality, looks, and basically everything in between. The closest he has come to training for anything was some nintendo thing. I wasn't quite clear on that. I'm not saying my man needs to do Ultras but it'd be nice if he understood the mentality. It was just an awkward date with an awkward start and an awkward end.

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