Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have lost it. Motivation that is. To date and to run.

I wanted to run 2-4 miles this morning, shake out my legs. I even put out my clothes last night before bed. I didn't use them. I couldn't make myself get up when my 4:30 am alarm went off. The short runs are the problems. They don't seem worth it. I know they are important but 4 miles compared to 20 is chump change. I can't even use the weather as an excuse! It's perfect. Not the blistering heat and and humidity of July/August. I am sure that is where I lost it. The motivation just drained out of me with all my electrolytes on multiple 5am runs in 85 degree weather. I know I will pay for this in 19 days. That is the number of days left until my first full marathon in Detroit.

Maybe this will get it back. An ULTRA RELAY!!! I've been wanting to do one for about a year now. The difficulty is finding one that is relatively close by and people as crazy as me. The closest I found was one that went from Gettysburg to DC. But this one was in my race packet this weekend and looks doable. It's practically in some of your backyards. You know who you are! It's not till next June so everyone has time to train.

WHO'S WITH ME?!?! I need 5 other people and someone willing to drive the van.


Meg said...

me. obviously.

CLE Runner said...

YAY! Now we just need 4 more people!!

Rach in Cbus said...

Sounds like fun! I too have been lacking motivation and this should help!

p.s. loving the blog!

CLE Runner said...

Thanks, Rach in Cbus!
Would you be interested in joinging my team for the relay? I'm not sure when I need a final count but I'm thinking by February.

Rach in Cbus said...

Yes! I have already mentally committed.