Wednesday, September 28, 2011


First, let me geek out for a moment. BART YASSO is following me on Twitter! Granted, he is following 11,000 others, most dealing with running but the fact that I made THAT list makes me incredibly HAPPY! And, I did run today, I couldn't disappoint Bart on our first day of our Twitter relationship! On a Twitter side note, I think I'm also being followed by a semi porn star? Maybe? It could be due to confusion on "marathondater." I'd like to not be followed by that person and can't figure out how to remove myself from her list. Perhaps, this will do it.

Ok! Real update.

A blog must be the interweb version of the cork board in "The Secret." Now, I have never read this book and don't want to, it sounds rather hoowey to me. But I have heard of the visualization/cork board in it. The idea is you visualize what you want or you write it on a piece of paper and stick it to your cork board. Overtime, your dreams will come true. It seems all "forward this email to 80 people and you'll have $5000 in 10 days." Which could happen. I don't know. I never do it. First off, even if I knew 80 people, by the time I finish sending all the forwards I'll be lucky to end up with 5 non-family member friends. So, I just don't. And, I'm still alive! Second, I don't have time.

The point of the above is that 1 day after starting this blog I received a phone call from a match making service I used 2yrs ago. I bought 6 dates at an astronomical price and none of them went past a date or two. One guy wore WAY more jewelry then I do. A turn off to me but others might like it. A sign of his prestige, I'm guessing. I'll go into more details on these dates at a later time. Anyways, he had a guy he wanted me to meet. No strings attached. I don't have to sign up again. I don't have to pay anything. It's on the house. So, I took it. A girls gotta eat! I'm meeting him tomorrow. He's younger but not by much. And educated, a big plus in my book.

Also, I've had two ex's contact me in the last 2 days. Mark Original Flavor and Mark4.0. FYI, I've dated 5 Marks and I started putting numbers after them to remember. Akron Guy was also a Mark, so he's Mark5.0. Mark4.0 was very intense and had tantrums when I couldn't/wouldn't do things with him. He actually got upset and hung up on me when I wouldn't stop at his place on my way back from a 1/2marathon. I was tired, cranky and severely chafed. We didn't date long and for the life of me I can't figure out why he feels the need to be friends. But I'll go with it.......with pepper spray!

Mark Original Flavor is a whole "hell in a handbasket" on his own and I will freely admit he is my kryptonite. The last time he and I talked it ended in disappointment and a bit of anger on my side. But you can't hold on to that, cause you'd be a bitter cat lady if you did, and i already have 1 and am sure I could squeeze in 6 more. Who knows? Maybe, he was just checking up or was reminded of me. He did just finish watching "St. Elmo's Fire" which was one of my favorite movies while we dated. The fact that he texted at all, though, is a severe violation of the smack down my sister, Sophie, gave him when she accidentally ran into him. He was told in no uncertain terms to NEVER contact me again. Which he then violated directly after by texting that he had a nice chat with her. I fully expect a rather choice comment from her for even responding to him. But he is my kryptonite...........and I know that.


annar said...

Oh man, I know all about being weak to jackasses. Be careful, girl!

Also it doesn't really sound like your Marks made it out of beta... so they should probably be Mark 0.3.1, Mark 0.6, Mark 08.4.31... okay I'll stop being a nerd. Looking forward to hearing about the new date!

CLE Runner said...

It's true and if I understood beta I'd use it! Also, saying Mark5.0 implies that he was better then Mark3.0 or even Original Flavor. That is not true. It seems that they get worse the higher the number.