Monday, September 26, 2011

The Last FIRST of a very long Saturday

After Saturdays run, I had a very special wedding to attend in Columbus. My friend and old roommate, Margaret was getting hitched and I had to be there. I quickly showered at Jemma's house in Medina and hauled butt to make it to the church in time. (Jemma is a very close friend of mine from high school.) I even put my makeup on in the car and changed into my dress in the church parking lot. Which was probably a first for some parishioners. But, I made it just in time and looked good. I got to see Margaret looking radiant on what is most likely her favorite day so far. I mean, other then the day she met me of course.

After catching up with friends, eating, and celebrating I took off back to the CLE area. By this time I was tired, a little cranky and a lot sore. Akron guy had called earlier and wanted to do something if I came back that night. There was no way I was going to be able to stand and party any more that day but I wanted to see him and hear his take on the run. I gave him a call back and we settled on an evening of beer, movies, and relaxation at his place. Which was great! I hadn't been there yet and was rather curious. He gave me general directions and asked me to call when I got close. I knew the area and was a bit confused because it was just off the highway and full of restaurants and industry. But maybe a little housing division or condos was tucked in the back. What did I know?

I called when I got close and he talked me into his place. His place being an hotel that offers rooms with kitchenettes and rents by the week. When asked about it, he replied that it was an hotel that changed the rooms to apartments. Ok, I knew they had done that with some old hotels downtown, maybe this was like that. But no. I walked in to an actual hotel room! Sure, there was fridge, stove and sink off to the side but that in no way made this anything more then an hotel room with a fire hazard! I again asked about it, hoping he would say it was temporary, that he had lived with a rowdy roommate and was in the process of finding a new apartment. Or something, anything, along those lines. Anything but "I chose to live this way." It all felt a bit dirty, in a "I'm a married contractor from Pittsburgh" sort of way. But, no explanation was offered. I am sure I looked shocked and stammered something about it being an hotel. I'm not sure what I said but I don't think it could have been too terrible, I actually liked this one. But, apparently, it was for him. Clearly, I had offended him, as he refused to converse with me. When he told me I was closed minded I knew this wasn't going anywhere good and I just wanted out. He kept ranting about how if some one is different from me it's wrong and how I'm materialistic. Which is true. The materialistic part. I love shiny and buttons, the more buttons the merrier! But I feel I'm a rather open minded person. I am a liberal, people. I won't bore you with what else was said but I walked out 5 minutes after walking in and had new plans within 2. 

I headed back over to Jemma's for some ranting of my own while drinking a few hard earned beers. And THAT is the story of the first time I found out I dated a guy living in an hotel.

PS. After looking back at the time and conversations I had with Akron guy he did mention the fact that he had scaled back his life. He chose to downsize his possessions. I thought he meant he went from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 1. From a full size couch to a loveseat. Not this. This I did not expect.


Kit @ DIYdiva said...

Hotel? Seriously? Yeah, there's definitely something else going on with that dude.

Also your sister said you might be doing the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving? I've been thinking about taking your advice and just signing up for a race to get my butt in gear!

Jen said...

Maybe he's just not that bright and thinks "extended stay" = apartment.

J (the other J).

CLE Runner said...

J(the other): How about you be J2.0?

Kit: Yes, I'm hoping to do Smoke the Turkey again this year. It's at the St. Jame's. I did it last year with an ex and had a lot of fun. Maybe he'll be there and I can smoke his butt again. Plus, you can eat Thanksgiving dinner and not feel guilty! I'll post when registration opens for it.

CLE Runner said...

J2.0 you are now Jane.