Tuesday, January 27, 2015


My memory is only good for about three years. It has failed me on several occasions. Such as, the Ohio State-Michigan game of 2013. Hopefully, the fact that I can NOT party with my dad and his brothers is permanently etched in my brain. Cause, that episode took 2 days to recover from.

I had a recent failure with very little ramifications. Pork. If it is not bacon, sausage or Honey Baked Ham, I am not going to like it. Unless, my Grandmother has come back, in which case I would gladly eat her breaded pork chops with the apple sauce, "to cut the grease." TRUE STORY!

But every three years or so I forget that I don't like it. Or, I think "maybe my taste has changed." It hasn't. I recently made this recipe. It looked so good and the recipe for left overs looked even better. PLUS!! The meat happened to be on sale. I put in the crockpot before bed and knew immediately on waking that this was not going to work. The smell alone put me off. But I let it keep cooking, maybe it would mellow.

FYI, it did not mellow. I tried to eat it tonight for dinner and let's just say it's good the garbage was right there. I will not be eating pork for a very long time.

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Running Meg said...

Oh man, that sucks about pork. Live and learn, I suppose.