Saturday, January 10, 2015

Exit Poll 1

Y'all! I got to administer my first exit poll this morning! And it was glorious.

Eye candy for the long post
Background: When Michelangelo called and said he needed to get his shit together with out me I pulled some one up that I was keeping in maintenance mode. We quickly started talking (for realz talking) and had a date set for Friday. Between first phone call and actually meeting the conversations were great. Funny, no odd silences, loads in common, I'm almost sold on this guy just need to meet for in person chemistry. Unfortunately, I had to cancel for a quick visit home and we rescheduled for the following day. Which he canceled due to his furnace breaking down (it's -20 with wind chill here) and the furnace people were coming during our date time. Finally, we agreed on dinner after work on Monday at a nearby Indian place. Except it was closed when I got there. No problem there was a great Chinese place down the street. After all these issues I should have know this was doomed.

And finally we meet. He's attractive, which was kind of in the air. He had three pics on his profile all either really far away or basically pitch black. I could make out enough to know that he wasn't hideous but that was about it. Slightly more gray than in the pics but I like that. I felt the whole thing went well but there was a point where it kind of shifted but not dramatically. It was a bit short, 45min, but I thought that maybe it was because I was heading out on a 2 hour drive to my parents. As the date ended we set up a second date for today, Saturday.

And now the whole flow changes. I get one word answers to texts. He didn't pick up when I called. All in all, not a huge deal. We were both were taking care of parents that had surgery this week (mine is doing very well), along with trying to get our normal jobs done. I finally sent a text yesterday asking about his father's surgery and about getting together today. CRICKETS!!!

I'm blue
24 hours later, first thing this morning, I get a reply. Which I didn't need. 24 hours, one date, one word answers, I don't need a flow chart to see that this is not going to happen. But his text says, "I don't see this going long term."  Which is cool, but there has to be an actual reason. Is it because I scheduled a 2 hour drive after the date? The chicken that got stuck in my teeth? The fact that I ordered a glass of wine before he got there? Am I fatter than he expected? Is it the edgy/half shaved head?

And so I asked. It's that I work with mice. MICE!!!??! Fucking MICE?! He's scared of mice and I work with them. (side note, I don't do a lot with mice. And they are all humanely treated) We got on the subject because he asked how my day at work was and that day happened to involve a scheduling issue with an animal study. After I told him about it he informed me that he does not like mice and I'd like to think I stopped talking about them but I can't promise. And looking back, that's when the winds changed ever so subtly.

On one hand, to me, this is ridiculous. I don't have to talk about my work with animals. I don't bring them home with me and you would never know if I don't say anything. It doesn't effect him. On the other hand, I didn't date a guy because he hummed when he ate. Or the guy that repeatedly said, "like I was saying," when he wasn't saying shit. And basically, all the overly needy dudes. All of these are ridiculous reasons but all of them directly effect me. I would have to hear hummer dude at every meal, every day, for the rest of my life.

You're welcome
Also, I don't understand fear. I get fear of terminal illness, fire, basically life or death things. Spiders? Snakes? Rodents? Bring it. Save my cat from a house fire? On it. Patch my roof? Drive through a snow storm? Vacation alone? Done it. I have a friend that would probably like to point out at this point that I refused to go into a hypothetical cave to save her from a Hellbeast. But that was a mathematical conclusion. I am not Katnis, the odds would never be in my favor in that situation. The likelihood of both of us surviving that is low and if I needed her to save me from said Hellbeast I would hope she would just save herself. But everyone, with the exception of the Winchesters, are afraid of Hellbeasts.

In conclusion, my first exit poll is a success. It is nice to know that there really was nothing I could have done to change this outcome. It saves me a lot of time from wondering. In fairness, he could have lied but why would he? We will NEVER EVER see each other again. AHHH! Peace of mind.

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Running Meg said...

That is the best response to an exit poll ever. Seriously. He wins. Mice? Interesting. But now you know.

I'm with you on fear.I just don't get the heebie jeebies about many things. Certianly not mice. But to each their own.