Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh. Dear. Lord.

Michelangelo. He needs to go. I basically came to this conclusion shortly after he called and repented for calling and ending our "relationship" to get his shit together. But, he was hot and sweet.

But then he sent me two pictures of him holding his baby niece, with the tag "I think I'd make a great father." Really? A week and a half ago you couldn't handle dating.

I started this Saturday night but am publishing 2 days later.

I ended it with Michelangelo. He did not take it well. Apparently, I'm not considering his feelings on this. When did he want me to tell him I had no feelings for him? When he asked me to move in with him? At the wedding?


Running Meg said...

Wow, what a change of feelings. At least you ended things before they got too serious...which sounds like you were considering his feelings. Weird.

CLE Runner said...

Although, today I got a text from him asking to be friends. I said ok, assuming not much will come of it.