Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Tech!!

I've had my Forerunner 110 for about 4 years now. And for most of that time it's done a great job. However, over the past year I have become a bit disenchanted with it. I've never liked the way it charges. It sits in a cradle and has a tendency to fall out or the prongs don't line up right. Over the amount of time I've had the 110 I've probably synched it to my computer only a handful of times. It's such a pain in the ass with the cradle and prong system.

I recently updated my computer and have tried to synch the 110 with no such luck. Then today. I went for an AMAZING 4 mile run today and thought I should try to update my Garmin again. I felt it wasn't keeping my pace correctly or hitting the satellites and might need a data update. When I got home I was finally able to get Garmin Connect onto my computer and amazingly it recognized my 110 and started to synch. STARTED. It never finished and the last run that it registered was one from June. I know I haven't been running much this year but I do know I've done quite a few runs since June. This all may be solved by resetting the 110. Which I did and consequently lost all old data. I don't mind resetting my shuffle every couple of months, since I change the music on it just as often. I do mind having to reset my 110. 

And then I started researchingARD new Garmins. HARD. I've kept an eye on them for awhile and have put off getting a new one. But then I saw how they charge now, GAME OVER! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!! It's still a clip and prong system but much more secure. And all the new ones are Bluetooth or wifi capable. Which means I don't ever have to synch to my computer unless getting updates. I can do it via my phone with the Garmin app. 

Now the big question was which one to get? The 220? The 620? Or the FANTABULOUS 920XT? If I had a fair bit more money I would have said the 920XT right away. But at $450 I REALLY needed to think about it. It does everything, run, bike, swim. It's an activity tracker. It can measure VO2. The 620 does some of these bells and whistles but the swim tracking is a little different. It is touch screen, which makes it cooler. The problem is a lot of these features don't work unless you use a heart rate monitor, another $50. I hate wearing them and didn't feel like getting one. The 220 is waterproof, so I could use it for swimming by using the lap feature. It can work on a bike, if need be. Basically, it was an agonizing 3 hour decision. 

I settled on the 220. If I could get away training for 2 half iron mans with the 110, I could do it with the 220. Plus, this is one is waterproof up to 50 meters, the 110 was waterproof for raindrops! Meaning, I can wear it on the swim portion of tris, instead of worrying some one was going to steal it off my bike or fiddling with it mid transition.

I have now spent all of Saturday night (livin' the life!) charging, synching to the computer, downloading the Garmin phone app, synching the 220 to the phone, downloading the MyfitnessPal app (does food and talks to Garmin app and the ihealth app), downloading the sleep cycle app, and then making all of these talk to each other. 

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Running Meg said...

Dang, you are crazy, look at you partying hard on your Saturday night with your Garmin. HA! I love it and I am jealous of your awesome Garmin. Can't wait to hear how you feel about it after some runs.