Monday, September 17, 2012

Sometimes I Hate Being A Girl

Don't get me wrong, most of the time I love it. But I have 5 little black dresses; 4 different black shoes; a box filled with makeup; and another chock full hair products! Guys have two suits, a black one and one of another color; two pairs of dress shoes, black and brown; and maybe a small shelf for hair products.

My real problem with being a girl only manifests itself in training. Let's face it, my bosom is ample. Sometimes running hurts with them. And when I played volleyball they got in the way. They do make up for this in bars and on dates but it is a little annoying! And sometimes, one week a month training is near impossible! Especially, the weekend before my period is due. My legs just don't work! They feel as if they are devoid of ATP! I am Sisyphus with the rock that never gets to the end.

They do. Every time they buy a girl a drink!
That's what happened this past weekend. I was originally hoping for 20 miles and then I injured my ankle, so I would have been happy with 5-10. I GOT almost 3. The ankle ached a bit for the first half mile but I then took off the brace and it felt sooo much better. I probably could have pushed it to 5 or 10 miles but didn't want to agrevate the injury. I set out Sunday for a 40-50 mile bike ride. I did 10! I felt like i was working and working and getting no where. Looking back at my training log I can see the pattern and realize it's always the weekend before.

I am lucky in the fact that none of my races have fallen on that weekend.

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