Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 Days

Making sure I have EVERYTHING!
Yesterday, I woke up 4 days away from the 1/2 Iron Man excited and ready to get things going. I had my lists of what I needed to wash and pack. I had a wetsuit and all the gear I needed. The training was in the barn and I just needed to go out and kill the race. I might not have stellar time but I would finish.

I woke up to today and listened to the voice in my head.
 " BITCH, please! You are NOT ready for this shit! You haven't trained hard enough. You've slacked over the last month. You're still injured from the ankle roll. The past 2 weeks have been shitty. You do NOT have this."

Ready to go on the car Sunday.
Also, the weather is going to suck! As of now......whoops. Ok, last night it was 50% chance of rain and high of 64. At this moment it is 20% chance of rain and high of 69. This presents a packing nightmare. I would like to race in what I've trained in, bike shorts and a tank. But, it's likely to be freezing when I get out of the water and I'll want pants. Which, will be far too warm 15miles into the bike. Based on last years chatter, many of the athletes ran into this. It's been suggested that you use sleeves that can be removed.

Rain, in and of itself, is not that bad. I don't mind swimming in it. I'll already be wet. And, depending on the type of rain, I actually enjoy running in it. But, I don't care what kind of rain it is I am petrified of biking in it. I don't even like to bike after it rains, when the roads are still wet. I go way to fast to be able to stop on wet pavement and the road paint is really slick.

If I was able to eat, I'd be throwing up about now.

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Judy said...

Perfect post! Exactly captures my pre-race anxiety each and every time!