Wednesday, September 12, 2012


In the voice of Faye Dunaway/Joan Crawford as she screams, "No..Wire.. Hangers..EVER!"

And the new no heels rule only applies till after the 1/2IM. I had to establish this rule after taking a tumble yesterday while walking out of my parents house. I was in heels that are pretty sturdy and easy to walk in. At least until you catch the heel on the door sill, land on yours toes and you tumble sideways as your ankle breaks under you! My dad saw it happen from the front and my mom watched from behind, I guess it looked pretty bad but neither heard what I heard. A pop/snap! And my IM dreams were smashed!

Just kidding! I'm fairly certain that it's not broken, as I can walk on it. However, it does hurt to point, roll, or twist inwards. It is not black and blue....yet. But, it is VERY puffy around the outside ankle bone. I'm hopeful that rest, ice, elevation will help.

What sucks is that this past weekend I had a 20miler on the books but the weather just didn't cooperate and I only got 10 in. My thought was, "Oh, I'll just make it up next weekend." Pretty sure that's not going to happen. I have to hope that I've done enough so far to carry me at least to the 1/2IM finish line. To be injured this close to it scares me. I wasn't planning on starting the taper till next week! I feel confident, though, that I'll be fine for the marathon in October.


On the plus side, this came today!

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