Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pulled The Trigger

I ordered my bike!! The super amazing shiny one that had better get me at least one medal! The only downside to this is that I am an instant gratification girl and the wait is killing me. I want to go for a bike ride but my old bike seems terrible since I've been to heaven and back. The shop assures me it will be in in 4-5 days and will call me after they've put it together.

Now, on to a side note. WTF!? A bike that costs the same as a kidney does not come with pedals? I feel taken! (not really, I had my suspicions, but still.)

Day one: 191.2
Day six: 190.4, down 0.8 pounds.
I guess I won't have that huge chocolate cupcake downstairs. It has blueberries on it, though!

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