Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet My New Man!

His name is Leroy. He's bad and lightening quick! He's also KING if you spell it Le Roi (that's French). And, he'll have his own theme song! Bad, Bad Leroy  Brown. Sure, he dies at the end of the song but he goes out fighting! I'm talking about my bike of course!! It's obviously male (think about it) and deserves a strong male name. I think Leroy is perfect!! I'm taking him out tonight for our first date.

Speaking of dates I had a first date Tuesday with a very nice gentleman named Josh. He works in the financial sector, is in the National Guard and served in the Army. He runs marathons and has done triathlons. We met up for wings and beer and the date went very well. It ended with a hug, as most of mine do, and we are still chatting. No plans for a second date but it is out there.

I also had plans to go out on a second date with Trusty Dan yesterday. But, when it came right down to it I canceled. I just couldn't bare sitting there listening to him, even if I got a free martini or two. I also had better things to do.


Note to random large guy in pool:

I know you're "swimming" because your doctor told you it would be good exercise and I commend you for making an effort. But I think s/he meant  actual swimming, not this float to the bottom and push back up stuff. You're not even moving your legs! And, if you come into my lane one more time I will not hesitate to hit you. Apparently, the hissy fit I threw behind you did not tip you off because you floated into my lane again and later sat against the wall exactly where I flip around.
Sincerely, the girl who will kick your a$$.

Pictured: Oatmeal with fresh strawberries, raspberries, and homemade triple berry jam! (I would have captioned the pic but it was so long it threw off the spacing.)

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