Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dating Update

I have now re-opened my profiles o POF and Match. I took a blow the first day of Match when I discovered Tex in my mix and he had been active within 24hours. "Shake it off, Marathoner! Shake it off!"

It's been a mixed bag. POF has been predictable with the high quantity but low quality. Match has just the opposite pickings. My problem is I can't seem to get myself to write the emails. I feel so BLAH to whole thing (a carry over from my training, I suspect). I don't really want to make the effort but I also don't want to be bored, doing nothing. It's a double edged sword.

I have been out on two dates, though. The first was with Hot Cop Tom. As you can tell from his name he is HOT and he is a cop. The date went well and we talked almost the whole time. I'm not sure he's quiet my type but it was fun and I think it could have been fun for awhile. I got the impression that while his profile said he was "looking for a serious relationship," that wasn't exactly the relationship he had in mind. An impression that was confirmed when I received an unsolicited junk pic.  I still don't understand why guys send these. Your junk is not attractive and unless you put a ruler next to it, not impressive either. We have not talked really since that.

My second date was with Trusty Dan. I'm not sure if I've ever introduced you to Trusty Keith but I dated him for about a month and as his name would imply, he was trusty. He kind of loped and moseyed along. And, you knew you would get a call every 2 days. You didn't have to worry about an attack from him out of nowhere. But also he had no passion. There was never any spark. Trusty Dan, I feel, is going to be the same way. The date was boring and he seemed upset with women in general. His pic was fuzzy, so I wasn't surprised by what walked in Starbucks door. He just has this goofy feel. I have agreed to a second date just to see if my first impressions are correct. I'm not going to pursue the date but if he does ask I'll go. I can always use a drink and a good story!

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