Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Going The Distance

Last night I went to the pool for lap swim. It's a really nice 25m pool and at 5:30pm the kick out all the kids. Not just from the pool but from the ENTIRE pool area. The adults have an hour to do lap swim or float around in the diving pool. Yesterday was a bit cool and windy here and under normal circumstances I probably wouldn't have gone swimming. But, given my last experience in the pool, I figured most people would stay away and I'd get all the lanes to myself. Not entirely true. I didn't have the the pool to myself but I only had to share with other dedicated swimmers. They all were doing laps and wonder of wonders they stayed in their lanes!

I did three sets of 13, 12, and 11 laps, giving me a total of 36 laps. Since each lap is 50 meters, I ended up with 1800 meters. This equates to 1.1~ miles. I am almost at my goal distance of 1.2 miles!! Now, I just need to work on time. It took me 50 minutes yesterday and my goal is 30 minutes. This is completely doable as my time in the Cleveland Triathlon last year for swimming (.4miles) was 8:22. Extrapolated out this gives me a time of 25:39 for the 1.2 miles. In the pool I swim lazily and my time last year astonished me! I was expecting 20 minutes or so based on my pool training. I, apparently, thrive in race conditions. OR, it's getting scratched on the ankles that spurs me on!

Since I know I can do the distance, I think I'm going to add some speed work. Tuesday swims will be for distance and Thursday swims will be for speed.
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