Friday, June 15, 2012


I made the mistake (or best decision of my life) of going to the bike shop around the corner from me. I've been in there about month ago. My Vilano road bike wasn't cutting it on the road, the front brake wasn't hooked up and it was making a weird noise. All this before it even had hit pavement. The shop was able to fix everything for me and at a reasonable price too. I've now taken the bike out for four rides and it's worked great! But, my arms and shoulders ached a bit and I felt that Tri bars might help, especially if I have to do 56 miles. I also wanted to put clips on. Turns out I can't put Tri bars on my bike because of where the shifters are located. We even had one of the bike mechanics look at it, nothing! He also said the bike was too big for me (I already knew this) and that it was subpar for any type of racing.

The salesman, possible owner, showed me a bike on the low end ($600) when I asked to see what he would suggest I buy if I was to buy a bike. He showed me the bike below. I got to sit on it and ride it around the store. It fit beautifully and I was in love at hello.

Upon further discussion the owner/sales guy found out that I was planning a 1/2IM and several tris. I think he assumed I was hardcore, and I like to think I am. He showed me a bike one step up on the computer. "OH!! SHINY!!" Don't worry, I said it in my head. I didn't get to try it but I assume if the $600 one felt like heaven this one would be like heaven with Ryan Gosling on my arm. As he pointed out I can make do with the cheap one I have and I can get away with the $600 one. But he's pretty sure, and so am I, that I'll be back in a year for the SHINY one.

He's going to give me the promotional pricing of $1200 until the bike is no longer in stock. I'd like to make the decision by Monday. I'm hoping I can sell my old one for almost what I paid for it. I'm also hoping my parents might be willing to do an early early Christmas gift. Cause now I'm in full LUSTING stage for this bike!

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