Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Month

We are a month into a relationship with Tex. Which, incidentally, is the longest relationship I have had in a very LONG time. I know we are still in the "honeymoon" phase but it bodes well that I haven't been too annoyed yet. There was an incident over the weekend that could probably be called our first argument.

We were to meet up with a friend of mine and her husband for a night out. I feel I was clear on when we needed to leave my place. It apparently was not clear that after leaving we go directly to my friends. We had to make a few stops on the way to get baseball accoutrements  for his game in the morning. If it was just me that was inconvenienced I would not have been bothered. But, my friends had a babysitter and were waiting for us. It all worked out in the end with some adjustments. I will, however, remember this for next time.

He did make an effort to clean his place for me yesterday and I applaud him for it. His place is not as clean as mine and I have on occasion brought it up. Paul says that all guys are like that. But I don't remember my friends boyfriends being that messy. Perhaps, they just cleaned up better when company was coming. My mother suggests that I "help" him clean. I feel that that would set a precedent that I will  be VERY unwilling to continue with in the future.It should be 50/50.
I'll clean the bathroom if he cleans the floors (I hate this).
I'll do the cooking if he cleans up the kitchen.
Laundry for mowing.

Compromise. It works. 

(This is the first "flower" he's given me. He pulled it off a tree outside is apartment.)


Annah said...

It seems obvious to split housechores 50/50, but there has to be a stipulation in the agreement that you (or whoever the more observant party is) must define the chores. Other wise you'll do 50% and the boy will "only vacuum where he sees dirt". ;)

Paul's not like that though, as I'm sure he bragged heavily about. Hehe.

CLE Runner said...

Haha! From what I understand your place is spotless!

I, of course, would have all chores/duties stipulated in the move in contract!