Friday, May 11, 2012

Flying Pig Friends!! And Other Bits

OK, yeah, I stole it. But I have no money!
We are CRAZY sweaty! As I think I said before it was very humid that day. I'm hardly ever that sweaty after a 6 mile run.

I'm working up my motivation to REALLY get back into training. The weather has been pretty nice lately, so I'm hopeful.

I have officially decided to only do the CLE half and not the whole. I just don't think it's my time.

Also, I'm going to do you all a favor and read Fifty Shades of Grey. It will be extremely painful for me but I'm willing to take one for the team. I've read about 2.5 chapters and put the book away, vowing to never read such horrible writing again. But, I think to properly mock something you must know all of it. And I will finish it. For you all.

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