Friday, May 18, 2012

Catch Up

I feel like it's been forever since I've updated you guys.  Turns out, it was only a week. I haven't posted much because my life had been rather quiet on the dating and training front. I'm only dating one guy and that's been quiet, more to come on this. And training has fallen off and is virtually nonexistent.
Breakfast, fruit and open sandwich; toast, avocado, montjack, ham and egg!

Shower rod
I still do my runs, they're just shorter. By a lot! My marathon goal for a this spring has ended and I'll be doing the half instead. I feel this short coming is due to a combination of  factors. 1) Boyfriend, and therefore a variable schedule. 2) Weather, it just wasn't conducive to long runs right when I got to 20 miles. 3) Medicine, I went down on my arthritis meds 6 months ago and am pretty sure that was the wrong move. My doctor told me I wouldn't feel the change for a 3-5 months but I'm feeling it now! I haven't had a true flair up but I'm also not as comfy as I was before the switch. I see him next week and am hopeful that he'll let me go back up one pill. It's absurd to think that one pill, 2.5mg once a week makes that much of a difference but it does.

I thought I'd get my TRI training back on track and took my bike out for the first time. Couldn't do much as the tires need air and the front brake isn't hooked up. I also went to the pool yesterday morning for some laps. But it was closed at my normal swim time due to school being out. I will now have to swim 4-7pm weekdays and fight with a lot of people for a lane. PS. I hate sharing lanes!


clothes chute
Dating is obviously nonexistent, also. Yes, I have a BF. Do we go out on dates? Not so much. He's been really busy with work and we mostly stay in for dinner and a movie. It's not terrible. If it was December. But it's May and beautiful outside. He has assured me that his work will die down after May, so I just need to get through this month. Which may be more difficult than I thought. We rarely talk on the phone and texting is in short supply, also. Normally, I'm OK with this but when I don't see a person for a week I start to panic a little. I over analyze and think crazy shit. Shit I know is ridiculous but still hard to get out of my head until proven otherwise. This last week was especially rough. Let's just say I drank too much tequila, made an ass of myself and then "felt" a cool down between Tex and I. The cool down was all in my head, which I knew it was. I have since been reassured that "We're cool."

Gaping HOLE!
Since I'm not going to see much of TEX on the weekends this month and training is low, I've taken up a few projects around my house. My parents came in this past Saturday and my dad built a door for my clothes chute. While the bath was in disarray I also repainted it, installed a shower rod, and took down the door to be refinished. The bath door is one of the three remaining doors in my house that need to be refinished. A project I started 3 years ago. I'm also replanting my flowers and will be fixing the gaping whole in the side of my house. If you think this is crazy and I should hire people to do it check out this friends blog and then talk to me.

I'm also reading Fifty Shades of Grey for y'all. People, it is horrendous. Like a car wreck you can't look away from.

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