Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I can't believe I haven't written anything in two weeks!

Let's see...... The last guy I wrote about went bye bye. I still don't know what happened. I have half a mind to text and just ask. Who goes on 3 dates and then just ignores some one?
BUT!! There's a new one.

I couldn't lift my left arm last Tuesday and because of it I missed a week of Crossfit, had 4 chiropractic appointments, a massage, bought a new bed and failed to even start the Akron 1/2 marathon.

I'm feeling better and will run the Cleveland Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon this weekend. New Dude insists that he is coming to watch.

Lurong Paleo Challenge is.....a challenge. For the most part I'm doing great. Friday and Saturday nights are bit rough. I'm technically only allowed on glass of red wine. Who can drink only one? No beer. And it is amazingly difficult to be strict paleo on a date. I hate trying to explain it to new guys. 

And, work is chugging along.

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