Monday, September 16, 2013

My Burning Thighs

091113, 96cal row 60#
I'm back to Crossfit! I've been in 3 times since last Wednesday. The first day back I got a, "Where the hell have you been?" from my coach. He then proceeded to whip me into shape!

091313, 110#BS, 7+15, pu/rd
It took me 3 days to be able to walk normally after Fridays punishing squat session. I was praying as I walked in this morning I would not have to do much legs. HA! Squats again with wall balls and box jumps! I work on two different floors and am constantly running between them. Today, though, I've periodically taken the damn floor.

091613, level 1 15:45
I've also signed up for another paleo challenge. The last one worked out pretty well, so I'm excited about this one. It is a little stricter and goes for 8 weeks. The last one of which happens to be when I'm having my tonsils out. I refuse to call it cheating though, if all I can eat is bananas and ground up oatmeal! I did try to buy organic wholesome baby food but they all contain some form of grains! Day one though, so far so good!

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