Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I've been doing the Lurong Paleo Challenge now for about two months. It officially ends November 10th and all measurements and the last 3 WODS need to be in by then. The last 3 WODS for the challenge were to repeat the first 3 and see if you could get better results. My Crossfit place is doing the WOD 8 this Friday and then 9 and 10 next week. I, unfortunately, will not be in fighting form and would probably get reprimanded by my doctor if I tried to do them then. Not to mention what my mother would do if I even mentioned going. So......I need to do everything that's left this week.

I went in today planning on doing 8 with 9 on Thursday and 10 on Friday. I adjusted that since the gym is doing 8 on Friday, I'd like to do it with everyone else. I therefore, did 9 today and will do 10 tomorrow. I also did my measurements today. I kind of wished I could do them at the end of next week since I'll be on an all liquid diet and probably will have better numbers.

ANY WAYS!! I was a little disappointed today with my WOD, not gonna lie. It was 100 burpees and 100 18# kettlebell swings. You could break it up anyway you wanted and came with a 12min time cap. I WAS SOOOO CLOSE!!! I broke mine up in 20s, 20 burpees-20 KB, 20 burpees-20 KB, etc. I had 4 KBs left when time was called. I was so mad since I had finished all of it at the start of the challenge. OR, so I thought. I just put my results in and I, in fact, did not finish last time. I failed to finish 27 burpees. This time I finished all my burpees and only missed 4 KB swings!!

Truth be told, I  haven't been that good at following this paleo lifestyle this time around. Dates, weddings, long work days, work lunches, and more dates have gotten in the way. I, therefore, did not expect to lose much weight or change much physically. I was pleasantly surprised when I went down in the areas I wanted to go down in and up in the areas I wanted to go up in.

Even if I don't win anything in the actual challenge I think I still win!!

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