Thursday, May 9, 2013

On My Own

BLAH!!! Single again. Or, at least I assume so, since I have heard neither hide nor hair from him in 4 days. And, I still haven't heard anything after this text I sent.....

Seriously? WHAT THE FUCK?? Just so you know I didn't come to that text lightly. His mother has been "sick" for the last 3 weeks and I've given him some leeway on the communication/date front. But to ignore me completely is just plain craziness!

I've signed up again for online dating. This may sound fast to you since I sent that "let's call bullshit" text. But I've been through all the stages....
1. Frustrated. Did that.
Much nicer than what I wanted to say

2. Hammered and crying. Done.

3. Lay down the law. "You have to be here Sunday." He wasn't.

4. Pissed the fuck off!
Hmm, I do have access.

It was suggested that I try OKCupid. Utter hilariousness!

Apparently, I'm not only living in the wrong state but also the completely wrong area of the country! Whose up for a blog from NC?!

This was one of many crazy assed questions OKCupid asks. I've had a lot of fun sitting around my old lab with some friends answering all of them. Some have led to lively discussions. Some have led to laughter. This one reminded me of this episode of Friends.

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