Monday, May 20, 2013

These Three Races

Oh, Dear! I've failed to update you on 3 races.

First, I did get a message from Mark6.0. Apparently, his mother past away the Sunday I was coming home from Cinci. He did send me a message that Friday informing me of this and asking for some space to clear his head. So, I've given him the space but I am not waiting around. I'm supposed to have a date this week with a new guy. He seems a bit overly enthusiatic. Should be fun.

Now My races!
I did the Glass City half marathon on 4/28. It was rainy and chilly. I ruined my shoes. And came in at 2:24:59. Not my best but not my worst. My sister on the other hand partook in a relay team and blew them away with how fast she came in. I think it was a round a 7min mile. For someone who didn't really want to do it she kicked ASS!

The Flying Pig 10k was on May 4th. I really didn't want to do this race. I wasn't feeling it and just kind of wanted to stand around a cheer on my friends. But as one pointed out I would be bored and regret it in the morning. Since she's known me since 2nd grade she probably knew what she was talking about. And now I'm glad I ran it. It felt good. It felt easy. And I PRed! 1:04:57!

There were people yelling, "She is! She's a machine!"
This past Sunday I did the Cleveland Full Marathon. I am still recovering. My target time was 5-5:15. I was on time at mile 20 coming in at 4hours. The last 6 miles SHOULD have taken 1:10. It did not. It took 1:45. The heat was horrible! The first half was cool with a breeze and there was a nice cloud cover. The second half was full on sun with temps in what felt like the 80's. I had to take off my left shoe twice to uncramp my toes and adjust my socks. My feet hurt so bad in this race. I can't tell if it was the heat causing them to swell or if it was wearing a new slightly broken in shoe. My legs felt good, though, and I knew at the split from the halfers that I had the last half in me. On the plus side I did not cry 6 times like I did in Detroit (probably due to the extreme heat and loss of fluids).

That's not to say I didn't get choked up. My mom and my sister came in for this run. They met me at mile 13/14 and my sister ran with my a little ways playing the Rocky theme song. IN A TUTU!! It was such a boost to see them and it really pushed me for the next 8 miles or so. Miles 22-25.5 was very rough. I was so tired and hot and burnt and sore. I just wanted it to be over. I started to walk more. I did 0.1 mile run then 0.1mile walk. Back and forth. Until I saw that crazy lady in rainbow tights and a blue tutu. And then I ran it in! With my sister (I may have teared up here to). She had gotten worried that I hadn't come in yet that she had started to walk the course backwards to find me. I'm so glad she did, had she not I don't know if I would have known that I had that last 0.7 run in me and I might have walked it in. I'm glad I ran it! THANK YOU!

24hours later I'm nursing blisters and some sore legs but nothing like I had after Detroit. I swore off marathons yesterday at the finish line and I'm thinking I was bit hasty. I was good till 20/22. My only problem was my feet and the sunburn. I really feel I would have done better in cooler temps........
...fall 2014?

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