Monday, April 22, 2013

The Dude

(Originally written 4/19/13)
I've been told I'm like a man in relationships. Sure, I wear heals and pretty undergarments, but for the most part like a man. Not big on cuddling. Public displays. And, apparently, the big one in this current "thing", not a big feeling sharer.

Based on last nights drunk texts with Mark6.0 and today's dissection of them with a friend, it's been decided that I need to resign myself to being the dude in most relationships. And that I just need to roll with the "needy" aspects, if I like this guy. Which, I do.

He voices his feeling on how attractive he finds me. It's nice but sometimes I feel awkward. I don't voice my feeling about him. My opinion is, "if I'm with you then obviously I find you attractive." I figured it was an unwritten rule and everybody knows it. Apparently, not.

Yes, I do miss him. We haven't spoken to each other, other than text, in almost a week. I really didn't think I had to say it. I repeatedly asked when he was coming back in town (he's currently in NC) and if we were still on for our date. After only two dates I'm not really going to say, "I miss you." It's not my style.

I am working on being a little more forth coming on my feelings.

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