Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The Paleo diet is coming along pretty well. I've been able to follow it closely, with some minor cheats. Under "normal" circumstances I wouldn't have cheated but this week hasn't been "normal".

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And, I was sick.

Saturday I went out with a friend for drinks and dinner. It's super hard to eat paleo at a bar. Plus, the tequila may have been on the diet but the sprite that went with it was not. And, yesterday, my actual birthday my sister baked me a cupcake and the hibachi place added ice cream. If I'm going to be punished with a 20pt deduction in the competition, I'm going to get 20pts worth of cheating foods!

I weight myself today at the gym and I'm down 3#. I feel more like 5 and my mom guessed 7. If it stays this way I may make it a lifestyle and not just a 30 day challenge. I'll have to make a few changes, though. Paleo mayo is disgusting and I need a little bit of cheese and Greek yogurt in my life. I will try to keep the desserts to paleo, though. I found some on Pinterest that look good. I just have to wait till the challenge is over.

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