Friday, January 18, 2013


I've been rather sore this week. I spent Sunday kneeling in my foyer laying new flooring. Then, ripping it all out and laying it again on Wednesday. Wednesday's crossfit consisted of 3 squats till you maxed for strength and the WOD was a 5 min AMRAP of squat cleans and jerk. Consequently, my thighs are burning! And, not in a good (wink wink) way. Yesterdays 3 mile run on top of that left me almost unable to use stairs.
Today's crossfit was kind of amazing for me. The strength portion was to max out on 1 deadlift. I came in at 195lbs! A PR for me! The WOD was 5 65%max deadlifts (135lbs), 7 handstand pushups, and 9 toes to bar, for 15min AMRAP. I was hessitant to do the HSPU (haven't done them since high school) and was set to do the modified version until I saw I would be the only one not doing the real thing. I gave it a try and I can do them again!!! I chickened out of the toes to bar and did it on the floor. I think next time I will try at least knees to elbows. I made it 7 rounds and all the way through the HSPU of round 8.


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