Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Still a Little Sore

Recovery Sock
Sunday: Compression socks all night. Everything hurts, like I've been hit by a truck! And, you should know that I do know how that feels. Stairs are impossible and walking is a chore. Sitting hurts, walking hurts, lying down hurts. Nothing is comfortable. I have no viable legs and can't hold anything in my hands.

Monday: Stairs are still a bitch. Getting out of the car takes effort and a few seconds to get everything working again. My legs only go straight, can't bend them. I feel like I've been hit by a Smart Car. So tired, but can't get a comfortable position to sleep. Difficulty doing my hair.

Tuesday: Still in compression socks. Only my legs hurt now. I can now curl up on the couch and find a comfy sleeping position. Hands are now back to normal.

Wednesday: No compression socks. I look normal on stairs now, even though it still hurts a little. I only hurt when I stretch. All muscles feel as though I've been lifting a little too heavy for me weights. Therapeutic massage scheduled today.

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