Monday, October 22, 2012

Columbus Marathon

This past weekend I traveled 2 hours south to Columbus for it's marathon. It's only been three weeks since the 1/2IM and doing a full marathon was going to be rough. I REALLY wanted another full marathon under my belt and was mentally prepared to do it this weekend. The weather was perfect, maybe a little chilly to start with but clear, sunny (when it came up) and in the low 60's.

Tearing open a GU
I had a good start and felt great. The first 10 miles were perfect and I only stopped at medical to get some Vaseline for my arms. Around 11 I took a break and walked just a bit. And I hurt. My left leg and right hip. My knee also ached when I walked. It was odd, though. Nothing hurt when I ran, only when I walked. I thought about the full. I knew I had another 5-8 miles in me but the fact that I hurt when I walked worried me. I decided to call it a day after the half. I want to be able to run next year and so I didn't want to do permanent damage by continuing on. I might have 8 more in me but I knew I didn't have 13.

After collecting my things I hobbled back to the hotel. My knee/leg ached all day yesterday but it feels normal today. Almost everything feels normal. My quads are sore and I'm tired but that's it.

I think one of my best1
Columbus marathon put on a great run. The first half had a lot of cheering sections, was adequately stocked with water and GU and went through pretty areas. I don't know about the second half but since it went though OSU campus I would assume the same. My only issue with the set up was after the finish. You get corralled into a small fenced in area. It's impossible to move and I found it extremely annoying. I just wish there had been more room. I would definitely do this run again, though.

Side note: I did not do this run alone. I had friend who was attempting her first full marathon and she killed it!! 4:29:30!! Awesome job!!

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