Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I May Have Made a Tiny Miscalculation


It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. My sister will attest to the fact that on occasion I have been known to make mistakes. I may have overestimated my ability to recover and/or underestimated the wear and tear the 1/2IM would take on me. Three weeks does not seem like adequate time to recover from the 1/2IM and then run the Columbus Full Marathon!

My thinking was, "Well, I would have just trained for and completed 70.3 miles, 26.2 should be easy peasy!" What I did not factor in were the hills and how damn hard 70.3 really is. I've taken a week off and allowed myself to do nothing and eat what ever I wanted. This included, ice cream, brownies, pizza, burgers, 2 pieces of cake, bread, and banana pancakes. Ok, the banana pancakes really are not that bad but I had them with an egg, bacon, and toast. A little much, no? Time to reign it in!!

And Baklava!!
I started running again this past Saturday, just 2 miles. It was not good. I've had this nagging tight left calf. It's not so much the muscle as what I believe is a tendonythingy (would you believe I actually got my masters from a medical school?). It's gotten better over the week but still irritates me once in awhile. Yesterday, while lounging, I rubbed my left calf with my right foot. Not too hard but not too gentle either. And the damn thing cramped! I ran again this morning, again only 2 miles. The first mile was great, the second was pitiful. My legs felt sluggish, my feet dragged a couple of times and my cadence was way off. I'm still going to plug away at this and hope that Saturdays "long" run will be nice but I may have to pull out of the full. It's killing me.

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